No HIIT FIT tonight, May 2. Thanks!

There will be no HIIT FIT session on Saturday April 22nd.

Class will resume as scheduled on Tuesday 4/25.



April 5, 2017

Want to know how to make these quick and delicious breakfast treats? Check out the “Breads and Muffins” tab under the Eat It Up page to get the scoop!!

HIIT FIT sessions are going strong! Why haven’t you made it to a session yet?? If you’re in the Somerset area, you’ve got 45 minutes to spare, and feel like breaking a sweat then you need to get to a class NOW!!


…That’s cheaper than a coffee and a scone at Starbucks in case you’re doing the math.

It’s Your Lucky Day, HIIT FIT Newbie!!

If you’ve never attended a HIIT FIT session, join us tomorrow (3/18) at 9:00 am and pay only $5.00!!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!

HIIT FIT CLASS is cancelled tonight (3/14) due to weather.

Thank you!

Attention!! Attention!! Time Change!!

Tuesday evening sessions of


  will begin at 5:45pm as of 3/14/17.


Valentine’s Day HIIT Fit Special!!

Bring your favorite person (or any willing participant) to HIIT Fit tomorrow night (2/14/17) at 5:15pm for FREE!!

…or go dutch for this fitness date and both of you pay just $5.00!


(This special is valid for class on 2-14-17 only.)


In addition to adding new weekly HIIT Fitness classes, we are going to offer “5 Class Punch Passes“. What are these?! And how do you get yourself one?! Well, it’s exactly what it says…you get a pass good for 5 class dates of your choosing. What’s great about it is that you pay for 4 and get one free. Each pass is $40. You can even get really generous and use up more than one punch per class, if you want to pay a friend’s way. Plus, buying one of these means you don’t have to bring cash to every session. I like to make things simple. And I never carry cash…so I kind of think this is a big deal.

And just how can you get one? Well, for starters- come to a class!! You can snag one then. Or head over to my contact page and send an email request.

See ya Saturday!




New year, new you, New Year’s Resolutions…blah blah blah.

I’m still the old me and everything is still here on the site, but I’ve given it a little face lift. So that you aren’t totally confused, I wanted to give you a quick little site navigation rundown.

  1. This page will be what you see each and every time you check out my site (Thanks for stopping by!).
  2. I still have blog posts for your reading pleasure, but you’ll now have to click on “Blog” in the top navigation bar to read the posts. So don’t think I’m quitting on ya…just doing a little reformatting and pre- Spring cleaning/organizing.
  3. This page is brand new and will become where you can find updated and important Intrepidly Fit info like class times, time changes or cancellations, or anything else of an important nature. Hopefully this will make finding out info about classes and such easier for those of you who don’t have Facebook accounts. (So I don’t have to rely on my mom to help spread the word as I have been..Thanks, Mom!)

As always, thanks for reading and supporting. I so appreciate all of you!