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Why I Don’t Want a PT Certification

I’ve been thinking a lot about this specific topic lately, have had many thoughts running around my head, and even spoke to a current personal trainer who I really respect. I’ve finally come to a conclusion, and I’m sticking to my guns. I don’t want to be your personal trainer. I don’t want to be anyone’s personal trainer, honestly. I have very strong opinions about this topic and I’m about to share them with you. So this is kind of the warning label for this post….may contain explicit content.

I firmly believe that there are a lot of fields out that there do require highly educated people to perform their job.  However, in the case of working out, I want the person who’s been grinding at their passion day in and day out. I don’t want the fancy certificates and degrees. Hands down, every day. As a nurse, I can tell you that I might have graduated and gotten those letters behind my name, but I didn’t really become a nurse until I was thrown into taking care of patients every day. I learned a lot of what I know today during on the job training. Of course, school taught me huge amounts of technical skills, medical terminology, and the likes – but I learned how to hone my craft during long shifts spent taking care of real people, not dummies. And that’s why I have a bit of an issue with this big personal training trend. Look at the prerequisites for almost every online PT certification course. There really aren’t any aside from requiring CPR training. (again, I’m generalizing) So, in a nutshell, any old Joe off the street could take an online course and call themselves a PT if they pass the test. And what if this Joe never really spent a day in the gym? He might be able to tell you where your gluteus maximus is, but he probably isn’t going to know about the best non-textbook exercises to help you increase yours. So my long winded point here is…do your research! Just because someone is certified by company Y, and that business has a good reputation, doesn’t mean you’re getting the best. Choose someone who knows what the heck they’re talking about. They don’t have a degree you say? Ah, but they’ve spent all of their free time perfecting their craft in the gym for years…That’s my guy. I’m not saying that you need to find the person who “walks the walk”  and has washboard abs and zero body fat, but you definitely need someone who “talks the talk”. Observe. If you are an overweight 45 year old woman and your trainer is doing the same program with a 30 year old slender guy, then you should probably question why you’re doing what you’re doing. Typically trainers aren’t cheap, so use your money wisely. Pick their brain. Make sure they “get” you. Always, ALWAYS ask questions. Don’t just go through the motions because you were told to. Ask why. Ask how. Ask for demonstrations. Get the most bang for your buck.

But always remember – abs are made in the kitchen (truest meme I’ve ever seen on instagram) If you are putting your all into your workouts and still not seeing results, then you might want to take a long look at what you’re putting into your mouth. And that is where I can and willingly choose to help. I strongly believe that if you are serious about losing weight and getting in shape, you need to first get your food situation in check. And yes, that is even before you decide to shell out for a personal trainer! Believe that!? Why would you spend hours at the gym, sweating your butt off, just to go home and negate all that hard work by chowing down on a large pizza?? That doesn’t even make a lick of sense, but believe me that people do it.  These are the same people who just can’t figure out why they run on the treadmill and lift heavy weights, but they aren’t losing weight or transforming their shape.


And then, once you’ve conquered that mindset, you just might start seeing those results that you’ve been chasing.



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