Eat All the Food

I’ve been meaning to get a page together for a while now where I can share some of my favorite “good for you but not gross” recipes.  Apparently tonight’s the night.

I came home from a pretty intensely sweaty workout and had some crazy cooking/meal prep motivation, so I went with it. There was chicken and turkey burgers cooking, since they’ll be my protein staples for the week. But, I got adventurous with my carbs/veggies. I pan fried some butternut squash with a splash of coconut oil and cinnamon, and BAM! I made a side so delicious I could have eaten it all in one sitting. I also jumped back on the kale bandwagon.  I have to admit, I haven’t always been a fan of it. I’m pretty picky about my leafy greens, but I’ve been craving potato chips so I thought I’d bake some kale in hopes that it would be a good substitution. Much to my surprise, the chips turned out fabulous. They are so good that you’ll find kale chips as the first recipe to be posted on the “EAT IT UP” tab. Try them out and let me know if you like them as much as me.

I’ll even make it super simple for you:

  • Step one- buy a bunch of fresh kale.
  • Step two- go to the “EAT IT UP” tab.
  • Step three- follow recipe.
  • Step four- try to stop yourself from eating the whole pan at once.

Happy crunching and good night!






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