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Sunshine and Big Things

I woke up today and a few things happened that I haven’t seen or heard in a while.

  1. The sun is really shining!
  2. I can see some grass through the snow.
  3. I hear birds!! Hello, can you hear me….spring?
  4. My scale is showing that I’m down 3 pounds!!

It’s going to be a good day.

First of all, it appears that my un-diet diet is working! Imagine that?! A solid week of consciously eating and I’m already on track to my goals. I guess I am doing something right. And the best part of that?? I’m not killing myself doing hours of cardio every day. I’m doing 30 minutes on three days a week! That probably makes me the happiest. I am a self proclaimed hater of cardio. I hate ellipticals, treadmills, and stair masters equally. And I don’t run for pleasure. In fact, if you see me running then you should probably run too, because we’re being chased. So, all in all, I couldn’t be happier with my start to shaping up for summer.

I’m also, as I’ve described in a past blog post, not starving myself. Of course I get hungry like any normal person. But the great part is that I’m not so hungry that I’m mean (ie. Hangry) and I’m not depriving myself of food and sapping my energy. If anything, I actually feel more awake and have more energy because I’m including way more “healthy” and nutrient dense foods in my diet. I’m not wasting my macros on carb, fat, and calorie sucking foods like junk. And, shocking I know, I am going to have a date night with the boyfriend tonight. We will be eating at a restaurant EVEN ON A DIET! WHAT?! Yes I am. And I won’t step a foot off track because I’m un-dieting. (Have you heard that word enough yet to believe it?) I feel like I am well on my way to reaching for the skinny jeans instead of leggings, and that makes me pretty dang happy.

Now, to the second reason that this is such a great day…it seems like spring just might actually be trying to creep into western Pennsylvania. Who wouldn’t be happy to be rid of that cold arctic weather? I took my dog outside this morning without needing boots, jacket, and hat…for either of us. But the real reason that I am so excited for nice weather is because I have one heck of a summer workout planned. I’ll actually be able to get outside of the gym and get creative with my workouts. And the best part of all of these crazy ideas bouncing around my brain is that you all could benefit from it. So, if you live near me (you know who you are) then be on the lookout for big, fun things to come this summer!! Once we get closer to May/June, the plans will be more finalized and then I can let everyone in on the secret! I CAN’T WAIT!!

Now get outside and breathe in some of that fresh air. You don’t have to go for a run if you don’t want to….I won’t either.


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