Get Fit Without the Fees

It’s been brought to my attention that there are quite a few people out there that shy away from working out because they don’t want to join a gym. The reasons I’ve heard as to why are many and have included not wanting to pay huge fees, not wanting to be seen looking stupid while working out, and not wanting to go alone….and the list goes on and on. And unfortunately, in the small town that I live, there are basically two options if you want to join a gym. That means zero variety, and you are forced to pay what they decide because they know that you have no other facility to choose from. I choose to pay the fee because I need a gym for the majority of the exercising/lifting that I do. However, there are so many exercises and full workout plans that can be done without a single piece of gym machinery. And you know what that means?? You don’t have to join a gym if you don’t want to. All you need is a bit of free floor space somewhere in your house, and probably some outside area to roam if you don’t have room or money for cardio equipment in your house.

So, now that should have wiped out many, if not all, of your excuses for not exercising. Put the baby down for a nap, throw a load of laundry in the wash or whatever other household task you’re using as an excuse, and now you’ve got yourself an hour or so of workout time. GET TO IT!

But wait, here come more excuses…you don’t know what to do, right? Got that covered, too. Have you heard of Google or YouTube? Maybe Instagram or Facebook? Research home workouts, watch videos, or follow your fitness role models on social media for ideas. Maybe even think about asking someone for tips. You might be surprised at the information you didn’t know was actually right at your fingertips. You can quite literally do an entire workout using things you already have at home. Use soup cans as dumbbells, use a chair to do triceps dips, do some plain old push-ups on the living room floor, or run some sprints and a set of walking lunges in your driveway. And BAM look at yourself go…putting together a thrifty little workout.

And if you’re feeling really inventive, go buy some versabands/loops (or therabands, or those stretchy little bands- they seem to have all kinds of names) for a few bucks. They will add resistance to many of your current bodyweight exercises.

(Sidenote: sells these little babies for under $5. They call them Versa-loops. But, I’ve seen similar products at Wal-mart and Dick’s Sporting Goods. Again- GOOGLE IS YOUR FRIEND!)

So, now you’ve got the tools to start your own home workout routine. You now have no excuse to not get yourself fit and healthy. Add in healthy eating to your schedule everyday, and you’re well on the way to a healthier lifestyle. Get Moving Already!


One thought on “Get Fit Without the Fees

  1. What an inspiration and help you are to many, but mostly to me! I am so proud of you and love you dearly. My daughter- my reason to go on each day 💛💔


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