You Better Be Moving

Here I go with the quotes again…this one is from Maurice Greene. I actually read this on the wall of my veterinarian’s office this morning. Such a random place to find this, but hey, motivation is everywhere. You just need to keep your eyes and ears open.

imageSo, this is my motivational quote for you today. I didn’t say it, of course, but I’m sharing it with you in hopes that maybe it resonates in your mind as it did in mine. In all honesty, it came at the perfect time. I had so much energy and drive at the beginning of the week, but for some reason it took a nosedive yesterday. I skipped the gym and opted to vegetate on the couch all evening instead. Initially I felt like a fat little slug, but then I realized that I should probably listen to my body – and it was screaming for a break!

Not surprising at all, I woke up today feeling refreshed and not like a zombie. All day I’ve been planning out what my workout will be in my head. All day I’ve watched the clock, just waiting for my time at the gym. And in the midst of the day, this quote falls right into my lap. Sometimes even the littlest of things come at the most opportune time. And I read this quote, and then I did a little paperwork, and then I read it again. And each time I just keep thinking…I HAVE TO KEEP MOVING. I HAVE TO GET TO IT. Moving where or to what? I don’t have an exact destination in mind. But I do have goals. I have a goal weight I want to reach. I have lifting PR’s I want to hit. Heck, I just have some basic life goals not even pertaining to fitness. But I know that if I get stagnate and just stop, then none of those goals will become reality. I’ve also heard somewhere that the day you stop moving is the day you get old. And I’m pretty sure there is NO ONE out there that truly wants to get old. So, you better keep moving. Do you really want to be the starving lion or the eaten gazelle? Doubtful.

So whether you find motivation in this quote, as I did, or you have another source of motivation today…use it. Keep moving and don’t dare stop. You’ve got goals to reach and they aren’t going to wait around while you take a nap.


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