Dear Stomach…

Dear Stomach,

You are bored. You are not hungry. Stop it.

This is something I used to have to tell myself most days of the week. I am not an emotional eater, or any of those other types. I am a bored eater. A true snacker/grazer at heart. A handful of pretzels here, a piece of chocolate there…and BAM!! I just ate 50 carbs and some odd fats without even realizing it. Do you see the problem with this?? These little handfuls of snacks are sabotaging our un-diet diets!

Eating on a schedule has truly helped this issue, though. Now, because I eat meals at almost the exact time everyday, my body doesn’t grumble and gurgle as much when I’m sitting down watching tv or have downtime at work. Now my body’s internal clock (the same one that can wake you up just minutes before your alarm is about to ding) is tuned into my eating schedule, and I can probably tell you when it’s noon just by the sounds my stomach is making. So, there’s one bonus to scheduling your meals.

Here’s another…spacing out my meals and the portions of fats, carbs, and proteins in them has also helped me to stay fuller longer…and stop snacking! And here’s the best part of all…I am not taking some crazy extra supplement or added powder to my water that claims to “reduce cravings” or “keep you feeling full”. I fine tuned my own eating habits (FOR FREE!) to help myself feel fuller longer and not crave sweets, etc. as much. Not a penny was spent, aside from grocery shopping. And to me, that’s a wonderful thing.  You don’t need some supplement to help curb your sweet tooth. You can do it all on your own. Now if that’s not a huge dose of self-empowerment, I don’t know what is.

I came across an article today that actually spoke my language. This is a rare occurrence for me because typically most of what you read on the internet is bogus and you end up having to weed out the 2 truths from about 20 falsities. I think the reason I was able to back this article is because it’s not trying to sell a product or a brand. It’s just some basic information for the reader. Here’s my tip of the day (it’s free too!): If you’re researching your health/diet/exercise on the internet (which isn’t a bad idea) just steer clear of sites that appear to be wanting to sell their product or suck you into selling their product for them. If something claims “quick weight loss” or other dramatic results, then it’s probably a fad diet or some other scheme. But, again, it’s your body. Do what you will with it. If you wanna mix some powders up or take some ground up endangered tropical plant, then go for it! I’ll save my money, though, thanks.

Here’s the link:

Go ahead and give it a read, it’s quick. See what you think…


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