What Do You Eat?

A question that I have gotten asked many times is, “What do you eat exactly?”. I think many of you have been surprised that I’m not kidding when I say pretty much whatever I want, within reason. And I also think some of you feel like I’m keeping secrets from you when I say that, and you’re thinking that I just don’t want to share my plan. (I always add the within reason because I know too many people who would take “eat whatever you want” to mean go ahead and eat that double cheeseburger, fries, and chocolate shake everyday for lunch.) I do want to share my plan, but you must know that my plan will likely not be the best plan for you. We’re all different and require different things. But anyhow, I really do eat a huge variety of foods, and still stay within the parameters of my un-diet diet. Although, by nature, I am someone who will find a food they like and eat it every day for a year. I don’t typically get tired of foods like many people have said they do. I could honestly eat eggs and oatmeal every day of my life and be pretty damn happy. Breakfast is my favorite if that hasn’t been covered yet! But, I do know that part of being wholly nutritionally healthy means not just eating “good for you foods” but also eating a variety of foods each day as well. To ensure that you’re getting all the good nutrients (vitamins and minerals and such) in your diet, you do need to eat a bright and colored variety of foods. Yes…EAT YOUR VEGGIES. But also eat your meats (if you’re not vegan) and your fruits, nuts, and grains too! Don’t discriminate.

So, yesterday was an exceptionally good food day for me. I got a little creative, and didn’t just eat oats and eggs. So of course I took some pictures because I’m sure everyone is dying to see photo documentation of what I eat (insert sarcasm).

image                                    Here’s two of my pretty little meals…image

Left is actually not my first meal of the day…remember I said that I love breakfast?? I eat a breakfast-y meal almost every day before I workout. This one just happens to include (1) whole egg and some whites, an English Muffin with peanut butter, and a side of grapefruit. And there you’ve got yourself a colorful meal with all the players on the field- carbs, proteins, and fats. It also only took about 8 minutes to make this. Easy and simple!

Next, you’ve got my dinner (pictured above right) and last night it was a steak and mushroom salad…WITH REAL DRESSING!! No fat free or weird tasting stuff. I actually enjoy salads almost as much as I love breakfast, so I eat them a lot. I don’t consider salads “diet food” because I would feel more deprived if I weren’t eating them. But everyone is different, and I know many people who turn their noses at lettuce and other vegetable options. I guess eating vegetables is an acquired taste. I didn’t like tomatoes (or blue cheese) until I was about 24, so I think there’s still hope for you non-herbivores out there.

Now get in the kitchen and start making your own food!


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