Battle of the Bulge


I’m admitting that I’ve done it, and quite frequently over the past few weeks. So let’s all be honest here. You stand in front of the mirror after a particularly good day, week, or hour of good sweaty exercise and solid clean eating, and you look for that ripped six pack. I’m always like, “I just worked my butt off and didn’t eat a donut, so I better see some damn abs”. And then I remember that it doesn’t work that way, and I realize that I know better than to think that one day of good eating and one killer workout will change my body composition. I think I said it recently in a previous post, but it is so worth repeating…YOU DIDN’T PACK ON 20 POUNDS OF EXTRA BODY WEIGHT IN ONE DAY, SO DON’T EXPECT TO SHED THAT WEIGHT OVERNIGHT. This isn’t a quick fix. This is a lifestyle change, and change takes time. I can guarantee that this won’t be a short process, but it will be long and sometimes slow. You’ll even take a step back a time or two. But in the end, the results will stick and you will have the tools to continue your healthy lifestyle.

I’ve been there, heck I’m there right now. I am making a conscious effort to tighten the reigns on my food intake and I’m changing my cardio/exercise routine in hopes of shedding some weight that I’ve accumulated over the past few months. I’m not sitting up on my throne preaching to all of you about something I know nothing of. I know the struggle. I am currently thick thigh deep in the struggle. I could throw my scale right out of my bathroom window at this point because I feel like it’s taunting me with it’s bright red numbers. And then I remember, again, that the numbers on that scale mean ZERO. I just buttoned a pair of jeans that didn’t come close to closing two months ago. And, I feel soooo much better now that I’ve stopped eating everything in sight, and have decided to be smart about what I’m putting into my body. What does this prove to me? My un-diet diet is apparently working. The scale may have barely dropped, but the mirror (and progress photos) don’t lie. Neither do a pair of jeans for that matter. My battle of the bulge is slow, but it’s been steady. I’m slowly winning the race towards the body and health that I want to reach. I’m working on getting myself to a size, shape, and mindset that I can live with year round. For two years straight, I have prepped for bodybuilding shows. Prep, for me personally, for a show takes a good six months. So, for two solid years I have gone from one extreme to the other. I am either eating super strict on a prep diet, or I’m eating everything (mostly carbs) in sight because I couldn’t have it for six months.

Anyhow, that is why I whole-heartedly believe in “everything in moderation” and following the undiet diet – because I know how restriction feels. Granted, I chose that restriction and I likely will again in the future because I love competing. But, for anyone that doesn’t have a goal that ends with standing on stage being judged on your physique, you can most certainly live a healthy lifestyle and get to a comfortable and maintainable weight while having a piece of cake now and again. I would love to help you with this. But first, you have to take the step to get your mind in the game. Unfortunately, that is the part that is 100% you. If you don’t truly want it or want to change, then it’s not going to happen for you. Your health and your lifestyle change has got to be all in if you want the results you crave. I know I want to wear a swim suit at the beach this summer (and hopefully this winter, too 😉 hint for the boyfriend) and I want to feel comfortable while lounging on the beach. But I want that for you, too.

The best part of my day is hearing someone rave about their results, or how great they feel about themselves. Even if this only ever helps one person then that is enough. I’ve had tremendous help getting to where I’m at today. I’ve gained knowledge from so many sources more practiced in health/nutrition than myself, and now I want to spread the wealth. The Battle of the Bulge is not one to be won in solitude. You will find that the more support and friends you have on the same path, the better (and more withstanding) your success will be. So why not start now? Get on the healthy lifestyle bandwagon now, feel great this summer, and keep that energy rolling into next winter!


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