Fit on a Friday

During my time as a gym rat, I have noticed that I have found myself less motivated to workout on Fridays than other days of the week. You’d think a Saturday or Sunday would be the slump day…but it’s typically Friday for me. However, I 100% agree that “Sunday is a day of rest” and  I don’t step foot in the gym on a Sunday unless I’m prepping for a show. I have tried to change up my Friday workouts to get myself excited about it. I made Friday my “booty and back day” since they’re my favorite, in hopes that it would get me more pumped up about my Friday evening gym date. That tactic worked for a while…

But now, here we are. It’s Friday. I’m slaving away at my day job, all the while thinking, “ugh, I have to get a workout in tonight”. To make matters worse, I did a heck of a number on my neck/upper back a few days ago, and have missed two days straight at the gym. If this were any other day of the week I know I’d be chomping at the bit to get my sorry butt back on the grind. But, alas, I’ve got my Friday slump going on. So, in my infinite wisdom, I’ve decided to really throw a wrench in my plans. I’ve decided that I’m going to really get crazy and do a Fit Friday Challenge. What does this mean? Well, I’ve created a mini HIIT/cardio mash-up that I’m going to do each Friday. Not only do I hope that this gives me renewed motivation, but I also hope that this HIIT session will help give my metabolism a kick in the a$$. And that is something I’ve really been struggling with and trying to work on building up. It seems that it just isn’t my mind that is moving at a snail’s pace lately…

So, since I’ve decided to make myself do this, I figured that I’ll share it with all of you as well. My plan is to come up with a different HIIT workout for each Friday. I’m trying to keep it around the 20 minute mark, so it won’t take much time either. I’ll be doing it right after I finish whatever weight lifting workout I’m doing. Since I’ve been sidelined a few days, today will be a full back day and the Fit Friday Challenge will follow. If you want to give it a shot, you can do it alone or along with whatever else you’re doing. I promise that it’s not so intense that you can’t piggyback it onto other activities. So, let the fun begin!!

Inaugural Fit Friday Challenge

  • 30 Second High Knees
  • Rest 15 Seconds
  • 30 Second Side to Side Lunges
  • Rest 15 Seconds
  • 30 Second Squats
  • Rest 15 Seconds
  • 30 Second Mountain Climbers
  • Rest 15 Seconds
  • 30 Second Plank
  • Rest 15 Seconds
  • 30 Second Run in Place
  • *Repeat 5 Times*

Check back each Friday for a new challenge!!


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