Body Rock Review

On Sunday I had the pleasure of attending the first annual Body Rock! event at Stage AE in Pittsburgh, Pa. I can honestly say that I was really looking forward to it because my mindset towards training in general has been evolving lately. Explanation: at the beginning of my fitness journey I was what you’d call strictly meat and potatoes. I lifted weights and acted like cardio was the plague…and only used equipment in the gym to grudgingly get in my cardio sessions. But, as of recently, I’ve found a love for HIIT cardio/bodyweight workouts/classes. If you know me then this is pretty shocking. But, nonetheless, I’m now a fan of some group classes (however, they are NOT all created equal) and you can even find me outside running sprints and doing things on bleachers to fulfill my cardio needs.

So back to my review of Body Rock. And as a reminder, this is just my own personal opinion. Please feel free to give me your two cents as well, or try out some of these classes yourself to see what you think. Anyhow, a friend and I signed up for 4 of the offered classes on Sunday. Basically we worked out for 4 hours. Maybe we were a little over zealous, but coming from a small town, you don’t always get the opportunity to try such a variety of things. Needless to say, we were smoked by the end of the day. But, we left with so many new ideas to incorporate into our daily workouts. We also left pounds of sweat on the Stage AE floor.

Class One- Pure Barre

I had absolutely no idea what to expect from this, as I did not do any research prior to attending. So what this entails is basically training like you’re a dancer…so not my speed. Due to the arena in which this was being held, there was sadly no barre. We used yoga mats and spent a lot of our time “tucking and squeezing” on the floor. We were instructed that every motion is done on a small scale, so all movements were tiny and focused on squeezing. I didn’t sweat, although it takes a hell of a lot of effort for me to do that anyhow. I got a little warm though. I also felt like I was a hip thrusting pro after that class. There was a LOT of tucking and squeezing of the pelvis. My gluteus medius was especially tender the next day. All in all, not my favorite of the day. I have a more of a “balls to the wall” approach. Still glad I can say I tried it out once.

Class Two- Spinning

Now, this one was actually what I was least looking forward to trying and only did it because the friend really wanted to try it. Verdict? I’M IN LOVE. And now highly devastated that there are no spin classes in my town. I ended this session sweaty and out of breath. I patted myself on the back like I just finished the Tour de France. I could easily become a Spin junkie. Although a quad heavy exercise, where I’m more of a booty lover, it was fantastic cardio activity. The upbeat instructor and pumped up music helped me to forget that I was actually spinning my legs off. If you’re looking for cardio activity in a structured class, and you really want to break a sweat, find yourself a spin class. You won’t be disappointed.

Class Three- Yoga

This is the second time in my life that I’ve taken a yoga class, and this one touted that it targeted athletes. I was game. Now I’m a self described yogi of course, since I’ve got two whole sessions under my belt (yes that’s slightly sarcastic). I am also an overthinker, and I have trouble shutting my mind off. My one issue with yoga? It takes me almost the first thirty minutes of the class to stop thinking about how inflexible I am, how much I hate downward dog, and when I can eat, before I really start relaxing and getting into the quiet mindset. Verdict? I still hate the downward dog pose, but this was otherwise a great session, and I did feel completely relaxed and rejuvenated by the end. It also helped that this session was held outside in the gorgeous weather. Got a tan and yoga-ed. Score! So if you ever have the opportunity to take a yoga class, especially if it’s held outside, do it! It’s so far out of the box from what you think of as typical exercise. Plus, if you can get your mind to shut up, it really is a full body/mind experience.

Class Four- Bodyweight Boot Camp

This was also a much anticipated class, as I was excited to see how someone else was running a boot camp. So I like to call this my research of the day. I was hoping to glean information for my own upcoming boot camp class. What works, what doesn’t, what ideas can I add to my current boot camp plan? This unfortunately was the last class of the whole Body Rock! event, and I will say that the timing of it was not good. It was by far one of the most challenging, and most of us were tanked and couldn’t give total effort here. Personally, I think that this should have been placed in the morning. Anyhow, I was pleasantly surprised that this very knowledgeable instructor had a class planned out extremely similar to my summer boot camp. Another pat on the back to myself for feeling like I know what I’m doing! You wanna sweat, you want pushed to your limits? Take a boot camp class such as this…take mine this summer 🙂 This class will guarantee you the results you’re looking for if you stick with it on a regular basis.

So, in conclusion, this was a great way to spend a beautiful Sunday. There were so many great classes, talented and motivating instructors, and a great venue. I can’t wait until the next one is scheduled. Now, I’m off to dream about spin class…


One thought on “Body Rock Review

  1. Fab post! Great that you got to try all these activities, though I think I would of struggled doing all 4 in one day so go you!! I usually can’t even move after spinning let alone do a boot camp! Hope you manage to find a spin class near you!

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