Dreams Don’t Work Unless You Do

I’ve had the same conversation more times than I can count, and with more people than I can remember at this point. It goes something like this, “I’m just so busy that I don’t have time to think about making healthy meals or making time for a workout. I wish I had more time in the day”. Or another (that even I have been known to spout off) “wouldn’t it be nice to be a celebrity and have someone cook for you, train you, or just generally keep you in line?” .

Well, this is the life we have been dealt. We all have our own circumstances, we all have different commitments, different economic backgrounds, and different struggles. So you weren’t dealt the hand of a millionaire with vast amounts of time and money at your fingertips? Guess what? Neither was I. Though I can’t say that I grew up on the streets with no family, no money, and no support system, I can tell you that my life wasn’t served up to me on a silver platter either. I come from a divorced, middle class family. I never had to know what it felt like to not have clean clothes or food on the table every night, but I know what it feels like to have to work for what I want. I turned 16 (quite a few years ago now) and I saved up my own money to get a car. I also paid for my own cell phone (shocking to many kids these days). I know the value of hard work and the rewarding feeling that comes with knowing that what you have is there because you put in the work, and it required more effort than smiling and saying please. And I thank my lucky stars everyday that I was raised to understand the value of hard work. At the time, when I thought I was the only teenager on the planet who’s parents didn’t buy them a car for their sweet sixteen, I felt like I had drawn the short straw. And now, well now, I know that I am so much better off because of my upbringing.

Anyhow, how does all this relate to fitness, and living a healthy lifestyle, and achieving goals? It relates because they all require work to reach and maintain. Contrary to what you see on social media and what fad diets promote, you aren’t going to have rock hard abs or a beach ready physique with a snap of your fingers. You aren’t going to magically lose those 10 pounds just because you ate salads for lunch for a few days. Bottom line- your goals won’t work unless you do.  And truly, until you’ve reached your absolute breaking point, you probably aren’t going to put in the effort hard enough or for long enough to see any results. Sadly, it takes something really eye opening to make a person decide they’ve had enough of the way they’re feeling or the way they’ve been living their life, and they actually then commit to making changes. For some, it’s stepping onto the scale after many months (even years) of not caring, just to find that they’ve ballooned to a weight they never thought they’d see. For others, it’s being told by a doctor that their lifestyle/diet has led them to a diagnosis they thought only “fat old people” got (ie. Diabetes). And even others find that they can’t even take their pet or child for a walk without becoming winded and tired after a short distance. Whatever that pivotal moment is based on each person’s different circumstances, that is the moment when their mind finally makes the commitment to sticking to a plan for better health. Anything before this moment has been done in vain. Undoubtedly, there has been wasted money and time on diets or shakes, gym memberships or personal trainers, that in years past has just been a passing fancy. But you’ve reached your own personal breaking point. You have now decided that you’re sick and tired of literally being sick and tired. This is where the real work begins.

Your biggest hurdle in making changes to better your health and move towards living a healthy lifestyle is honestly your own mind. A weak mind can become a prison that your body, as a whole, suffers in. But now that you’ve got control of your mind, and you’ve decided that you aren’t stopping until you reach your goal, whatever that may be, you can and will find success. Humans are strong, resilient beings who are capable of amazing things. History has proven this. So this mindset of negativity and acting as if these dreams are too far out of reach ends now.

Create your goal. Write it down. Remind yourself every day why you’re making this change. And don’t stop working until you’ve achieved success.


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