Mission: Possible

quoteIt’s been a while since I’ve used any quoting as the basis of my post, and today is feeling like just the kind of day to look to someone else’s wise words for some motivation. Today has been, for me, a Murphy’s Law kind of day. You know those kind…if it can go wrong, you bet your sweet little booty that it’s going to go wrong. Woke up to cold and dreary weather, which is always depressing. Then I pull my brand new cardigan out to wear, just to find that the sensor tag wasn’t removed when I bought it. And then I got to work (my day job that pays the bills, not my fun one) and my fizzy delicious probiotic drink exploded on my desk. It’s been a downhill slide kind of day. One happy note: I actually applied my liquid eyeliner perfectly today, which NEVER happens. So, I don’t look like a preschooler painted my face. I guess we can call that the silver lining! Long, rambling story short- this isn’t my finest day and I’m looking for some motivation and inspiration. And wouldn’t you know it? Some of the best life quotes (totally in my opinion only) come from children’s books and movies. I kid you not. And if you’ve read anything of Dr. Seuss, then you know what I’m talking about. But today, Lewis Carroll was my muse. If you didn’t notice the big quote at the beginning of this post, then refer to it now.

At about 8:30 am this morning I decided that it would be IMPOSSIBLE to get anything done. I feel like I have 12 hours worth of work to do and only 8 hours to complete it. I was feeling defeated. I didn’t know where to start. Do I pick the longest, hardest task first? Do I check off a few short and easy ones so I feel more accomplished? What do I do?! Well, first, I drank some coffee. I lied. I guzzled an insanely large amount of coffee. I think I have the coffee sweats now. But I got the kick in the butt I needed to refocus and regroup. I organized my desk, made some to-do lists, and now I’m slowly digging through the mounds of work. I’m also taking a short break to blog to all of you great listeners about my day. And at this point I’m sure some of you are scratching your heads and saying, “she’s lost her mind. This is a FITNESS AND NUTRITION BLOG and she’s telling us about work”. But, I’m just about to tie it all together, I swear.

How does my crazy work day, Alice and Wonderland, and fitness all fit together? Because I said so. But really, because in each of them something seemed ridiculously impossible. The key word is seemed. Your task, your goal, your dream, your job, it’s all only impossible if you believe it to be so. The Mad Hatter is a pretty smart guy. I’ve blogged about this before in a round about way. You have to learn to train and control your mind if you want to succeed at anything. Your mind is usually weaker than your body. If you let it run wild, it will agree with your legs when they say they’re tired. It will tell you that the pile of paperwork on your desk is insurmountable. It will tell you that your dream of winning that race is laughable. But if you change your way of thinking so that no goal seems out of reach, and the only thing standing in your way is the time it takes you to get there, then your mind will slowly catch on and understand that nothing is impossible. You can succeed at your goals and dreams, and the first step to success is believing it be true. Wake up each day with a plan to conquer your goals, your dreams and ambitions. And one day you might just find yourself waking up and living that dream.

Until then, you’ll probably need some more coffee.


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