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Weekend Warriors

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been guilty of slacking on your workouts or meal planning during the weekend. (Just to give you a visual- I am raising both hands high in the air right now.) I’m 100% guilty of this. I work Monday through Friday sitting in an office. I wake up at the same time each day and then I go home, have a meal, change clothes, and head to the gym. It’s a routine. I’m a creature of habit. But then, BAM, it’s the weekend. I don’t have to be awake at the crack of dawn. I have no schedule to stick to. And suddenly, it’s like my brain has forgotten how to function. Go to the gym? Where’s that? I don’t have time for that. I’m going shopping. And then I’m going to stuff my face with Mongolian Beef at PF Chang’s. And I’m probably going to follow that up with a hefty chunk of Red Velvet Cheesecake from none other than The Cheesecake Factory aka heaven on earth. That about sums up my weekend train of thought.

But why does this happen?! How can I be so precise about meal planning and timing, and working out during the week, but fail at following through on the weekend? Well, folks, that’s routine. Throw a kink in the routine, like not having to follow a schedule for work, and things go haywire. I know you’ve heard it before, and this is old news, but if you fail to plan, then honey you better plan to fail. So, bottom line, enjoy your weekend or your free time, but keep those meals prepped in the fridge and plan some workouts ahead of time so you don’t have any room to make excuses like 1. I’ll just eat out because I have no food cooked. 2. I woke up late and don’t have time to plan a workout. JUST PLAN AHEAD. You’ll thank yourself in the long run. And until you can get your weekend ducks in a row, here’s your newest FIT FRIDAY CHALLENGE to help you stay on track this weekend. Be a WEEKEND WARRIOR and do this challenge each day, and then you won’t feel so bad if you have a little slice of cheesecake heaven.



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