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Just Like Fire

Some of my recent scrolling of Instagram, and even Facebook some days, has left me disappointed in the people, brands, and products currently on the internet just waiting to be “liked” or “followed”. Why am i disappointed? Well, these famous athletes, brand ambassadors, and online and in-person trainers and coaches have set the bar far beyond the normal person’s reach, myself included.

For this exact reason, Intrepidly Fit was started.

My goal is to show that the normal, average individual can eat right, exercise, and live a healthy life without breaking the bank or needing a degree in aeronautical engineering to figure out workout splits and diet plans. I also want people to read this blog and feel like we’re on the same playing field. I wake up and put my pants on the same way as everyone else. And no, they aren’t Lululemon $100 leggings, either. So if you want real, and you want honest, look no further. And if you’re motivated and inspired by me, too, then I know I’m doing something right.

I’m addicted to workout clothes and tennis shoes, yes. But you will never catch me dropping my entire paycheck on an outfit. I swear by Old Navy. The majority of my entire wardrobe, I think, has come from there. If I’m recommending a shoe, a tank, or a legging, I can promise you that it is both comfortable and relatively cheap. I don’t get paid by any brand to sell their product. If I’m giving you my opinion, it’s just that- my opinion. And it’s 100% honest.

I am also not a perfect eater. I don’t spend hours in the kitchen prepping my meals, nor will I ever stage a food photo shoot so my followers think I’m eating organic salmon, wild rice, and freshly steamed/garden-grown veggies in my meal plan. I like my food quick and easy. I will throw 5 pounds of chicken breast in the crockpot along with whatever packet of seasoning just so happens to be in my cupboard…and voila! I’ve got enough chicken for a few days of meals. It’s not pretty, but it’s edible and healthy. And you don’t have to be Bill Gates to afford it. After said chicken is cooked, I’ll add in whatever veggie happens to be lying my freezer. And if by freshly steamed you mean a steam-able microwave bag, then I nailed it. Here’s another little secret for you…I sometimes eat junk. I know, shocking right? Because every picture I’ve seen posted by people on the internet lately would lead one to believe that some humans never touch a piece of chocolate or indulge in a hunk of cheesecake. I like beer and wings, and I like dessert even more. And i eat it all. Not all the time, but I let myself live and enjoy food. I do NOT let food dictate my life. And you shouldn’t either. Yes, I’ve competed. And I know how it feels to eat chicken, fish, and green beans everyday for what feels like an eternity. But that’s an extreme. If you choose to compete in bodybuilding then you already know that you will be making sacrifices in your diet. But if you’re not looking to be on a stage in a tiny suit, then you damn well better know that you can be a normal person and eat, and still live a healthy lifestyle. All things in moderation is the key. I swear. So when you’re looking at so and so’s pictures and reading their posts, don’t get discouraged when it seems like they’re on a level that you’ll never reach.

And now, we’re going to get even more real. I don’t photo-shop my photos. Yes, sometimes I change the contrast. I’ve always been a sucker for the Valencia filter. But I don’t slim down my thighs or pump up my butt. I don’t even know how to do that. I’m lucky I can figure out how to post a picture on Instagram, let alone do all that extra stuff. It saddens me to see all these pictures that have clearly been tampered with. How the hell do any of us even know what’s real anymore when everything we see and read is staged, photo-shopped, and airbrushed?! Let’s be honest…I have a bit of cellulite, my thighs rub together, and my abs are currently quite protected by some extra insulation. And I’ve posted pictures looking exactly that real. I go to the gym with my hair looking like a birds nest, and many times with no make-up on. I’m sure I’d die if SHAPE magazine just so happened to show up and want my picture someday. But, I’m there to work. Not look pretty. And I’ve got a lot of work that needs done. And each picture and selfie that I take that shows my flaws just gives me more motivation to work harder. Just like fire.


I have found that there is beauty in imperfection and flaws. Our bodies tell a story of who we are, what we’ve been through, and where we’ve come from. Why would anyone want to alter history? I’ve learned to embrace the fact that my thighs are thick. They are strong. They’ve carried me a long way already in this short life. I am proud of my wide back and rounded shoulders. A lot of responsibility has been laid upon them.  I am short, a compact package, but I am full of heart. My ambition and desire to be better is what carries me through each day. Fancy clothes, make-up, and caviar can never compete with that.

Just like fire, burning up the way
If I can light the world up for just one day
Watch this madness, colorful charade
No one can be just like me any way
Just like magic



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