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The Importance of You

imageHave you ever tagged yourself at the gym? Taken a selfie in the squat rack? Shared a novel long inspirational post about how far you’ve come, how much you’ve struggled, and how proud you are of your success? Probably so. I think almost every single one of us is guilty of that. But, here’s some real ground breaking news…The realest progress, the humblest victories, are often the ones won in silence. It really is true that your actions will always speak louder than your words. In fact, they scream in silence of how far you’ve come.

You should be proud of your life, you should be happy to be living your dreams. And really, being your truest self, following your own path…that quietly shows the world who you are. So, march to the beat of the drum that only you can hear. Take the path that hasn’t yet been trampled by many. In your uniqueness you will find yourself. In standing apart from the crowd, you will find that your toughest journey will become your greatest achievement.

imageRemember, the ride to the top is going to be full of obstacles. You will feel like you’re taking 2 steps forward, just to find yourself 10 steps back. Success is yours for the taking only if you have the courage to brave the unknown, to travel alone. You might find yourself lonely. You must remember, you’ve chosen a path that not many are willing to explore. But what you will find along the way are the truest friends you will find in your lifetime. Most people want to sit back and watch you fail. It’s a confidence boost for them. Most people say that losing is the hardest, but I disagree. A winner stands alone. First place has the most enemies. Everyone is just waiting to watch them fall. So, take pride in what you do and don’t let anyone drag you down. Your journey is your own. You mustn’t let the opinions of others pull you down.

What you can do right now, right this moment, is make the choice to live your life and follow your dreams. Work hard in silence and let your quiet victories speak to the world for you. Has everyone you know decided to train for a half marathon? Choose more for yourself. Set your sights higher. Train harder. Train longer. Are you trying to improve your strength in the gym? Tell no one of your goals. You’ve squatted the most you ever have? Say nothing. Do more.  Have you decided that now’s the time to drop a few pounds? Change your diet, cook your meals, and don’t worry about taking pictures to post online just to prove to the world that you’re actually doing it. The only thing that matters is how you feel about what you’ve done. You weren’t put on this earth to impress anyone or to live up to someone else’s standards of what a goal should be.

And then what happens when you reach your goals? Your silent victory will be seen by those who matter, the people who’ve stuck by you through the journey. You’ve finally perfected your technique, you ran your fastest mile, you’ve reached your goal physique?  Guess what? You don’t need 100 likes on Instagram or 1,000 friends on Facebook to validate your successes for you. Actually, you don’t need any validation at all. You did it. Your own blood, sweat, and tears got you where you are standing today. And that triumph that you found on the road less traveled is now even sweeter because you took a leap, alone. You didn’t follow the crowd. When it’s all said and done, no one is going to remember how many followers you  had on your social media site. No one is going to remember that you squatted triple your body weight. So why are you so worried, so concerned about being liked or followed, right now in the present? Look towards your future, make your own goals, and cut your own path. Because when it’s all said and done, all that matters is that you are happy with your own choices.



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