You Are What You Eat

Every piece of food that we put into our mouths has an effect on our body, our health, our wellbeing. Choose wisely, for you only get one body to live in. In fact, think of your body as you do your house. Do you like to keep your house clean and tidy? Most of us do. So, you run your sweeper, mop your floors, scrub your toilets, yes? You don’t want to live in a dirty house, and you certainly don’t want your friends and family to think your natural habitat is a pigsty. Of course, if your toilet overflowed, you would get a mop and bucket and do damage control. Or if your dog took a roll in the mud and traipsed around your kitchen, you’d clean that up, too. So, now why would you ingest dirty, fatty, and greasy (even questionable origin) fast food? That’s kind of like letting that dirty muddy dog run wild through your house.

So, just stop doing it! I know it’s tempting. You worked a long day and you have more things on your to-do list for the evening, none of which include cooking dinner. The obvious choice is to just run through the drive-thru. Bam. Quick dinner. Done. Believe me, I am a human, too, with a to-do list miles long, so I get it. I live by quick and easy. I will sometimes take way too much time out of my day to research shortcuts because I hate doing anything complicated if there’s a comparable easier way. And guess what? In the long run, that fast food is going to be way more complicated than that home-cooked dinner you should have made. Why? Well, that fast food is packed full of bad for you things like trans fat, lots of cholesterol, and sugar…and plenty other icks. And that fast food might seem quick and easy now, but a month or a year (even a little longer) down the road you just might find yourself in the middle of a complication from all that fast food. High cholesterol, diabetes…they don’t sound fun, quick, or easy right? Now granted, some of that can’t be helped. I get that genetics does play a role in our health, but if you had a chance to help lower your risk for such diseases, wouldn’t you do it? I know I would!

So stop using the drive-thru lane as part of your route home. I guarantee you that no GPS has that listed on it’s map to your house. Don’t have time to cook a meal every night? Neither do I. But I always have an hour or two, here or there, to prep some meals ahead of time for those busy days. Do it on a Sunday for all week if you have time. Do it 2 times a week and split the work up. It all works out the same. Just plan ahead to prevent a detour to the drive-thru – Bottom line. And right now is a perfect time to start your meal prepping if you’re a newbie. It’s summertime, fruit and veggies are in abundance, and that means super quick and easy side dishes that don’t even need cooked! So, get out old faithful (aka your crockpot) and cook up some protein. Crock potted chicken breast is so simple a monkey could probably do it. Throw that cooked chicken in containers and add fruits and veggies, and you’ve got yourself some solid meals. Sometimes I’m even too lazy to use containers, because who enjoys doing dishes when it’s 95 degrees out? Not me! Ziplock baggies can do the trick just as well for prepping meals, too!

Still not sure? Check out what I’ve been eating…

And if you really are what you eat, then I should be turning into a watermelon any second now!


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