Skip the Excuses, Not the Workout

We’ve been experiencing somewhat of a heat wave here in Pennsylvania lately. I absolutely refuse to complain, because I’d much rather be sweating my face off than be in the middle of a blizzard. But, the heat and humidity have been seriously sapping my energy. So of course, yesterday was one of those hot and humid days, and I came home from work totally exhausted and promptly took a nap. Then I woke up and realized that I had two loads of laundry in desperate need of being done, along with a list of other domesticated duties needing attention. Needless to say, I skipped the gym. BUT…I just felt like I needed to get a little sweat time in, so I threw on some workout clothes and headed to my driveway. Just thirty minutes later, I was dripping in sweat. I didn’t use any equipment. I didn’t need a treadmill to run on. I really can’t see how it gets any simpler or more convenient than that.

So, how did I get a great workout in without any equipment? Here’s a little rundown of how it went:

  • Walking lunges
  • Jump Squats supersetted with jumping jacks
  • Split Squats (using my steps)
  • Triceps Dips (again using my steps)
  • Incline Push-ups (yep, used the steps again!)
  • Sprint intervals

What did I learn? Well, this sprint stuff didn’t seem quite as hard when I did it during high school track practice a few years ago! But, really, I found that I got just as good a workout as I do inside a gym. Granted, this wasn’t weighted and mostly consisted of cardio activity, but it sure as hell beats cranking out thirty minutes on the stairmaster.

I also just found the above video hiding on my phone that was shot during some recent boot camp sessions. I was too much of a sweaty mess to remember to record my driveway session last night. Anyhow, none of the exercises in the video required equipment either, nor did they require large amounts of space to be completed. If you have a driveway, a yard, or a little open floor space somewhere in your house, you can do all of this, too!! I was always a die-hard gym goer, but I’m realizing that there’s so much that can actually be done without ever needing to step foot inside a facility. Plus, there’s so many bonuses to working out outdoors! I took my dog with me. She hunted rabbits while I sprinted. We both win. I got a little sun. And let’s be honest, everyone feels better with a little dose of natural vitamin D. And the best part…I didn’t even have to leave the comfort of my own home.

So, I really don’t care what excuse you come up with for skipping your workout, because last night proved that it doesn’t matter what’s going on because there’s always time and always a place to get it done. Yes, I had adult responsibilities that I had to attend to. I got my workout in while my laundry was drying. Yes, I took a nap before all said activities…yet I still got everything accomplished. Yes, I have days when I take a nap and decide to not be productive because I’m also not perfect. But, you realize that when you want something bad enough, you make time for it. You don’t make excuses.


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