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Some of my most productive thinking is done in one of two places: the shower or in bed at night when I’d rather be sleeping. Actually, when all I desperately want is to fall asleep, my brain will often decide to run full speed ahead. It just happens that last night was one of those nights. And as I lay there pondering life, I came upon yet another pitfall of this whole being an adult thing…you actually have to work hard for a lot of what you want.

(inserting a Grey’s Anatomy quote here because it’s spot on and also because I’m feeling like a teenager today, so using quotes to express myself seems quite appropriate)





Okay, so I could be talking about a million different things, but for time’s sake, let’s reign it in. Do you remember that girl or guy in high school? The one who ate whatever the hell they wanted, any time they wanted, and always looked runway (or football field) ready. Or the student who would just breeze into class and ace the test, no studying needed? I’m talking about those kids. Heck, I guess I kind of was one of them. Not the runway ready girl, but I can honestly say that it wasn’t often I cracked a book in high school unless it was purely for my reading and entertainment pleasure. So, suffice it to say, school wasn’t quite as challenging for me as it was for many who struggled to pass. Such is life.


But then we get welcomed to adulthood. Sometimes even filling out the paperwork for a new job seems harder than the SAT’s. Those three donuts you ate for breakfast? Yep, you’re now an adult and they’re going straight to your thighs. Goodbye, skinny high school body with the metabolism of a newborn cheetah. You start realizing that not only does it suck to have all this adult responsibility, like paying bills and going to work to get money to paid said bills, now you have to contend with a slowing body. So many of us rush to find the quickest fix to get rid of this extra weight, or get that flat stomach back. We’re dumping money on this pill, that cleanse, or this new fad diet and exercise routine. And now, not only are we still stuck in an aging and lumpy body, we’re broke, too. And you know what I think part of the problem is? So many of us were those kids in high school who didn’t have to watch what they ate, were super active in sports, and breezed through their education, that we can’t understand that we might actually have to work hard for those things now.


However, the bottom line is that since you are an adult now and capable of hopefully higher intelligence, you should understand that the more you want something the harder you will need to work. And if you take anything of use from my rambling today it’s this: stop relying on outside forces like magic diet pills, extreme fasting, and crazy detox/cleanses to drop unwanted weight, and start relying on inside forces like your own strength and willingness to succeed. Because here’s the thing, and science will back me, dropping weight quickly is rarely ever sustainable. If you aren’t happy with your reflection in the mirror or that number on the scale, then yes you should do something about it! But instead of your first train of thought being, “what will help me lose this weight”, change that thinking to something more like, “how can I lose this weight?”. You have arms and legs to propel you forward, your body was built to be used for more than a garbage disposal, and you live in a world where you are free to make your own choices (here in the United States, at least) so take advantage of all of that which you were born with. Use it. Consider your body as the only tool, only piece of equipment you need, in your journey to lose weight. Make good choices about what you put in your body. Would you feed your child, your mother, sister or brother, fast food every day? Then why is that acceptable to put in your own body. Just as a car needs gas in the tank to run, your body needs nutrient dense food to function.

Slow and steady will most definitely win this race, this time. So, take your time and be healthy in your pursuit of your goals. You don’t need to lose ten pounds in 2 weeks, unless you’re willing to gain twelve back. The most successful people in weight loss have taken months or even years to reach their goals because they found a plan that was sustainable and realistic. For once in our adult lives, time is not our enemy, but our friend. Use the time you’ve been given to make the changes you want to your body. Channel some Twenty One Pilots’ and sing along…”I’m taking my time on my ride”.


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