True Life: I’m an Addict

Have you ever been bored and scrolled back through your photos on your phone or any of your social media accounts? Well, today I did that. And if you judge me simply based on what I take pictures of, you’d surmise that my life consists of coffee and shoes, plus a few other important people like my boyfriend and family (and my furry kids). How funny it is that you can pretty much sum up a person by what they photograph. Now, it’s taken me a while to come to terms with the fact that I am a bit obsessed with a fresh cup of coffee with a side of new shoes, tennis shoes to be exact, though I don’t discriminate. Both add an extra pinch of happiness to my day.

Hi, my name is Chelsy, and I’ve been addicted to coffee and shoes for many years.

…and no, I don’t really think I need help.

So, today’s blog post is just a lighthearted (meaning don’t take this so damn seriously) way to honor two of my most favorite things.

First, let’s start with a cute little ode to coffee that I found once upon a time:

O! coffee, where art thou
When I need thee now?
In thy many flavoured blends
A hot cup would be godsend.

I cannot keep awake
Without a short coffee-break.
With thy life-giving aroma
Save me from going into a coma.

Java, Colombian or French Roast
Thy every flavour, I will toast.
To the end thy loyal slave
Three cups a day I will always crave.
(source: Ranjit Nair)

And since it’s a Monday, and the week hasn’t sucked the life out of me yet, I’m feeling creative and giving…so how about a little slideshow to give you a peek at a few of my favorite things?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I feel like somewhat of a coffee/tennis shoe guru being that I have tried a zillion different coffees and own way more pairs of tennis shoes than any one person needs, so I’ll do my duty as a good citizen and give my review of some of my favorites.

(No, I am not endorsed by any brand or company. My review of products is based solely on my own free opinion. None of these items were given to me for free, except for a random cup of Sheetz coffee, when the company so graciously gives its’ customers free coffee on certain holidays-Thanks Sheetz!)

  1. Best Cup of Black Coffee– Starbucks Sulawesi.
  2. Best Cold Coffee– Starbucks Cold Brew (though I just got an email that Dunkin Donuts is debuting their own cold brew…so this rating could change!)
  3. Best Sugar-Free Flavor Shots– Dunkin Donuts (if you haven’t mixed their SF flavors in your coffee yet, you’re missing out, my friend.)
    1. If you’re brewing your own home pot/cup, then stop at TJ Maxx’s and get one of their great SF syrups to add in.
  4.  Best Flavored Ground Coffee (to brew a pot)- Boston’s Best Snick-A-Doodle or Eight O’Clock Chocolate Mint
  5. Current Can’t Get Enough of Coffee Order– Starbucks Venti Iced Coffee, Double Shot Espresso, Light Nonfat Milk, 2 Splenda (with an occasional addition of SF Hazelnut)



  1. Best All-Around Sneaker– Nike Free (currently wearing Free RN and love)
  2. Best Leg-Day Sneaker– Nike MetCon 2 (flat soles, great for squats, deadlifts, etc.)
  3. Best Cardio Sneaker– Brooks. I’ve had Pure Flow and Pure Cadence. (I do NOT do a ton of cardio, but my feet never hurt in these)
  4. Most Comfortable/Wear All Day– Nike Air Max Tail Wind (literally worked 16 hours on my feet in these, and I’m still standing to tell the tale.)
  5. Best with Non-Gym Clothes– Converse Lowtops. (Unlike many, I never wear these to the gym.)
    1. Boy’s Jordan Eclipse are a close second for wear outside the gym, though they’re also comfortable during a workout. Bonus: kid’s shoes are usually $20 cheaper than their adult counterpart. Take a tip from a cheapie like myself and try on some kids shoes, you won’t be disappointed!

Since I’m always on the hunt for a good cup of coffee and a new pair of tennis shoes, do any of you have recommendations for any good brews or shoes??? I know I’m probably missing out on some good ones, so help a girl out!


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