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Real Women are Whatever the Hell They Want to Be

Let me just clear one thing up for everyone- muscle is not disgusting. In fact, let me be a little more concise and further that by saying that being a muscular female is not disgusting. Should you feel that way when viewing a stranger’s physique, it’s likely your best option to keep that opinion to yourself. Also, muscular females are not deaf, so they can hear you when you think you’re whispering to your friend about how disgusting said muscle is. Being sweaty in a gym is also not disgusting. That’s actually kind of the point of being in the gym, I think… So, now that is covered. You also are not disgusting because you are extremely overweight. You are not disgusting because you are thin as a rail. Ballerinas are not disgusting. A woman who has given life to little humans is not disgusting. But you know what is disgusting? Your judgement. Your ridicule of those not like you. Hate and jealousy are disgusting, and those are not traits you should want. Don’t be that person. quote We all have conversations in the privacy of our own homes, with our friends and family, and we have all been guilty of judging another human. It’s nature. But what we all could use is a little self reflection before we start passing out judgment like candy on Halloween. Sure, you might say to your closest friend, “woah, look at her ____”, or “she’s wearing that?”. I’m guilty, too. But let’s be real. I’m not perfect. Neither are you. So why are we judging someone else for their imperfections or differences? Stop it. Let’s use muscular females, for example, since I can relate to that. I’ve seen women post pictures to their social media accounts and get absolutely torn apart by strangers hiding behind their keyboards. So you think a woman with big muscles is gross? Okay. You’re entitled to your own opinion. You aren’t entitled to making her feel like shit about it. Plus, did you ever stop to consider the time and effort it took her to create that look? I promise you that she didn’t say a prayer one night and go to sleep, just to wake up with big biceps. She put in a huge amount of work to create that body. So, please feel free to think that she’s disgusting for looking the way she does, but acknowledge that it took her more time and effort to sculpt that than it took you to form your small minded opinion. Muscles aren’t your thing? That’s okay. That’s why there’s a million different types of humans. Tall, short, skinny, fat, pale, tan, etc. Just take your pick. But when you’re doing your choosing, just remember that even a person with muscles has ears and feelings, too. But don’t worry, your words won’t really hurt her all that much because she’s got big muscles for them to bounce off of. dlb So let’s all take a moment of silence for all of those judgmental people who can’t embrace someone who’s different. I said just a moment, don’t waste too much time on that negativity. Now let’s focus on those who build each other up. Those who blew apart the walls of the little box they were put in. Let’s aspire to be like those individuals who refused to be the same as everyone else. Those are the leaders. The game changers. Be a Dana Linn Bailey in a world full of Stepford Wives. You’re going to get noticed in a big way when you stray from the “norm”, and along with that will come some negativity and hate. But you’ll also find that the more negativity that is thrown your way, the stronger your foundation will be for you to reach higher and stand taller. Go ahead and build those muscles, ladies, and be a little bit different. Don’t let the opinions of others throw you off course. Being muscular and strong as a female shouldn’t be a weakness. Honestly, who really wants a limp noodle anyhow? Sleeping Beauty or Warrior Princess? The decision is easy. emma    


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