Apples to Oranges, Just Get Sweaty

For two months running now, I have lived a life totally free from rigidity. I’ve eaten on the fly, whatever’s available, and more often than not I’ve forgotten to eat altogether. I know you’re scratching your head and wondering how that’s even possible for someone who is ALWAYS hungry. But I’ve gotten so busy just being busy that workouts and eating plans have taken the backseat. Some days I wake up and decide that it’s okay. You only live once, right? And some days I wake up and decide that I’ve totally let myself go, I’m a huge fat mess, and all my muscles are going to shrivel up and die because I haven’t consistently lifted weights or eaten my chicken and veggies. There really is no in between for me. I’m all in on the health train or I’m a hot sloppy mess. That’s how I roll.

So because of this feeling of being a hot sloppy mess, I’ve done a bit of self reflecting lately. Surprisingly enough, I’m thinking I’m not all that sloppy and messy. I’m certainly not perfect, but who is? Also during my reflection, I’ve realized that even though my daily routine hasn’t consisted of the gym at 5:00pm everyday, it doesn’t mean I’ve skimped on my workouts. Weight wise, yes, I’ve skimped. I haven’t picked up many dumbbells or pulled a barbell. But workout wise I’ve been keeping up. I think maybe because I haven’t “gone to the gym”, I feel like I’m not really getting in a workout. But that’s far from the case. Most days of the week I do some form of working out, whether it’s at home doing my own thing or watching a free exercise video on Comcast, or teaching a group fitness class, I’ve been “working out”. I think we all get a little caught up in those two words. They seem to have become synonymous with “going to the gym” and they don’t always have to be used together. Breaking news: you actually do NOT have to go to the gym to get a workout in. 

I used to think that home workouts were lesser in quality than gym workouts, but I’ve come to find that while very different, they aren’t a bad option. Obviously, the work is completely different because my home, as I’m sure most of yours are, isn’t equipped quite like a gym. But getting creative and using your own body weight can prove to give you a heck of a workout. Plus, sometimes the thought of having to go to the gym, where it’s busy and sometimes downright annoying, makes you want to do 100 burpees at home instead…joking, joking…just a little. Maybe you love your local gym, or you have a variety of gyms to choose from, but that’s not always the case. Anyhow, lately I’ve been feeling like “I don’t want to leave my house to workout” and “I don’t want to be around all of those people” and “If I workout at home, I save commute time which = more time for a nap”. Needless to say, I’ve done a lot of home workouts recently. But, through all my rambling you’re probably thinking that I’m using this post to denounce going to the gym. Not the case. Both ways of working out have quite a few pros and cons each. They’re just different. You can’t compare apples to oranges.

Going to the Gym 

  • Lots of different equipment to use
  • Tons of dumbbells
  • Interaction with other humans
  • Free (hopefully) classes to try out

Home Workout

  • No time constraints
  • Get creative, get outdoors, use alternative resources as weights (Ie. milk jug, dining room chair) etc.
  • Wear whatever you want
  • Do NOT have to interact with other humans

I feel like now that I’ve really gotten into the groove of working out at home, I can give a much more unbiased and educated review of each. It all boils down to what you want to do. Some days I feel like I just need to lift weights to feel like I’ve conquered my workout, and some days I feel like a pretty strong monster because I did a zillion push-ups. Either way, the workout was a success because I’m winded and sweaty. (**In case you didn’t know, that’s my very stringent criteria for judging how great a workout was. Very scientific.) And because being winded and sweaty isn’t all that creates a good workout, I’ve gotten sore muscles from both weights and body weight training.

Here’s a clip of my most favorite home workout. Favorite now, hated during…

Please excuse the boxes- we’re setting up our dining room. Shout out to because your products are great and you have really fast shipping. Check them out.

Also, please excuse that God awful red carpeting on the stairs. I did not choose that. Happy news- it’s actually getting replaced with pretty carpet as I type this, no lie!

Also, for the record, I am using Versa-Loops from for some of the exercises you see in the video. They come in a few different resistances and are super cheap! They really help to amp up a home workout without breaking the bank on equipment. I like to think of myself as somewhat of a Versa-Loop expert. I have come up with all kinds of exercises to use with those great little bands. Anyhow, check those out, too!


In other news: We will be hosting a Christmas Fitness Challenge with a chance for one lucky and motivated person to win some cash. Sounds great, right? It will be Facebook based, so if you’re interested in participating do this:

  1. Log in to Facebook (or set up a new account if you don’t have one.)
  2. Search Intrepidly Fit
  3. Like the page.
  4. Check the page frequently and wait (im)patiently for details on how to enter and what the rules are. They will be announced in the next few days.

The challenge begins on December First! GET READY!


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