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Dreaming of a Light Christmas


Aside from my (bordering on) unhealthy love of all things pumpkin, I absolutely adore the Christmas season. Every year, following my Black Friday shopping spree with the boyfriend, it’s a decorating frenzy at my house. And if all goes right, it should appear as if Santa Claus sneezed glitter and bows everywhere. So as not to buck tradition, I spent Friday afternoon decorating, and then re-decorating one of my trees last night. (Way too long of a story about that for a Monday morning) But, anyhow…back on task.

Since Thanksgiving and Christmas are some of the most indulgent times of the year for many people, I figured we could try and stave off the holiday cookie weight together!

Here’s what’s happening in Intrepid’s world:


The challenge officially starts on Thursday December 1st. As the poster states, this is a free challenge…YAY! More money for Christmas presents! This challenge will be based on Facebook, where you’ll find daily challenges on our page “Intrepidly Fit”. Intrepidly Fit’s page will also be where you’ll post progress, etc. so having a Facebook account is a must for this challenge. If you want in on the fun, just “LIKE” the Facebook page (if you haven’t already) and send me a PM letting me know you want in on the action.


  • Send a PM on Facebook or email to reserve your spot.


The Dreaming of a Light Christmas Challenge begins on December 1st, and will end on Christmas Day. You will have opportunities each day during that time period to earn points. Each person’s points will be tallied ASAP after December 25th (That’s why it’s important that you send a message to officially join). The winner will be the person who has accumulated the most points!

**All posts, daily workout challenges, and other information pertaining to the challenge will be on Intrepidly Fit’s Facebook page ONLY. No points for posting on your own private wall.


  • Post your “before” photo to the Facebook Page – 20 points.
  • Weekly Check-In every Thursday – 5 points. Add 5 points if you are down in weight!
  • Complete the Daily Workout Challenge – 10 points. (MUST have photo/video proof)
  • Daily post to the Facebook Page – 5 points. (Post a healthy meal, what motivates you, your daily workout, etc.)
  • Attend an Intrepidly Fit Group Fitness Class – 15 points.
  • Post your “after” photo to the Facebook Page (by 12-26-16) – 20 points.

**You may do your weekly check-in by sending a private message on Facebook or via email to report your weight for the week. First check-in is on Day 1- December 1st!


REMEMBER: You can choose to participate in as many of the challenges or as few as you like. The goal is just to spice up this holiday season with a little fitness fun!


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