Happy Birthday, Intrepidly Fit!

First of all, today is the ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of this little blog of mine. So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO INTREPIDLY FIT!! Thanks to everyone who has stuck around and supported my blogging, ranting, and other crazy ideas. I hope to continue to give you laughs, fitness, and hopefully some great food for thought in the future. I will gladly accept birthday gifts in the form of participation in my upcoming group fitness classes! (More on that in a paragraph or two.)

I’ve kind of gone radio silent over the holidays, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that I’ve been sitting on my butt eating chips…though some Lay’s potato chips and dip does sound pretty mouthwatering right now. Anyhow, Christmas and the New Year are always busy times for most everyone, and I got caught up in Christmas parties, shopping, spending time with family, and eating entirely too many cookies. But I don’t regret any of it. Especially the cookies. And although I’ve been packing my days full of fun memories, I can promise that I’ve still been making time to get to the gym. I’ve actually been the most stringent than I’ve been in months with my workouts. I’m still slowly easing myself into cleaning up my diet. I like moderation. I like cookies. And i freaking love donuts. So it’s a battle sometimes, and the broccoli hasn’t always been winning. But with wedding planning underway (Yes, the Boyfriend has become the Fiance!) and summer hovering somewhere in the distance, I’ve got 2 huge reasons aside from seriously just needing to stay on track with some healthy stuff, to revamp my diet and hopefully drop a few lbs.

Anyhow, in the midst of all this decadent food and family fun, a lovely little opportunity just happened to fall into my lap. As many of you know, I hosted a summer bootcamp, a fall bootcamp, and a few pop-up group fitness sessions in 2016. AND I LOVED IT. I loved it so much that I’ve been searching my tiny town for a place that my group fitness classes can call home. If you are at all familiar with this town then you know that finding such a space is actually not all that easy. But lo and behold, I can say with confidence that Intrepidly Fit has found a home. I am so excited to announce to my faithful group fitness participants (and newbies!) that I can now offer you a regularly scheduled class that isn’t constantly changing times and locations! The business that I will be working with has welcomed us with open arms, and we have hope that we may be able to offer more sessions as word gets out that we are up and running. I couldn’t be more thrilled with this opportunity because teaching classes to all of you and getting a workout at the same time is a dream! Best one year anniversary present, for sure! We have planned to launch our first class at our new site on Saturday, February 4th at 9:00 am. As before, we will continue to offer a 45 minute- 1 hour class packed full of high intensity body weight and resistance band work. Please check back soon, or stalk Intrepidly Fit on Facebook for location details and more info about this great partnership. Don’t you want to be able to say that you were the first to visit us at our new home?!


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