Trust the Process

For those of you who’ve never made it to a Boot Camp or HIIT Fitness class, shame on you!!

I’m kidding, but really- you should make time to stop in and try this class out. Of course, I know I am a bit biased because it’s mine. But truly, it’s a great workout. And that’s coming from a girl who’s tried a few classes and who typically just likes lifting weights as a workout. But, alas, there comes a time in life when one must branch out and try new things. Lifting weights is great and I have no intentions of stopping, but HIIT Fitness adds another layer of fun to my workout regime. And what’s not to like when you can make your workouts fun?

A little taste of HIIT Fitness for all you newbies below.

For as long as I can remember, I have hated any kind of cardio activity. For me, it had to be made into a sport or game for me to enjoy it. Trickery is how I got my heart pumping. In high school, I was a sprinter and short distance hurdler on the track team. My punishment for whatever it was a high school kid did wrong at track practice?? Running with the distance kids. What. A. Nightmare. Absolute torture. I could run 100 or 200 meters 50 times over and over, but add all those meters together and tell me to do it all at once, and I was done. Stick a fork in me because, just no. So you get the point. Distance running has never been my forte. But when I found the gym, and weights, and squats, and deadlifts…I had found my niche in life. I finally enjoyed exercise. I actually wanted to push myself and break a sweat.

So it’s been about 5 years now that I’ve been religiously hitting the weight room. You could say it’s my church. My therapy. I’m comfortable there. It’s my happy place. But after five years, 2 of which were basically entirely dedicated to prepping for figure competitions, I was getting burned out. I needed something to liven things up. For those of you who have ever competed, you might know what I’m talking about. Or maybe you don’t. Nonetheless, what I mean is that when you are at the gym 7 days a week, sometimes twice a day, lifting and climbing the stairmill, and lifting, and stairmilling some more you start to wonder if there really exists a life outside of the gym walls. I think I could have walked to China and back from the time I spent on the stairmill. I know my Kindle took a beating from all the reading I did (though I’m not at all upset about that. Book worm.) So anyhow, the last time I competed was in September of 2015 and I followed that competition with a teeny little mental collapse, so to speak. I just was fried from training and strict dieting. I went wild with food and threw my training protocol out the window. What did I learn? Well firstly, when you diet strictly for at least 6 months and then eat pizza and donuts like the world is ending, you gain weight fast. Like mach speed fast. And I knew better. I knew I needed to reverse diet. I knew the proper steps to take. But I was too mentally exhausted to give a shit, quite honestly. And so I did my own thing, but I do regret not caring enough because I watched myself gain more weight than I was comfortable with. However, I did find a silver lining in all of that. It was that I could take my training down different avenues. And that’s where I found HIIT. I learned that I could incorporate training and cardio, and that they didn’t have to be mutually exclusive. I learned that I still love dedicating an entire workout to training my back or shoulders using weights, but that I could work my legs better with interval training and plyometrics.

And so began my Intrepid Adventure…

Which leads me to today. I now have a spot in a local studio where I get to teach my love of interval training to others. I get to go to the gym when I want if I want to use weights, but I can also get a workout done in my own backyard or living room, and sometimes I even get to teach others while getting a workout myself. And I look back on those days after my last competition when I felt like a failure because I felt like I gave up on myself, let myself gain so much weight, and just totally forgot all I knew and learned about training and being healthy. But I have to laugh because those dark few months made today possible. And if you told me then that I would be here today, I’d have thought you were the crazy one.



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