On Being an Adult

Throughout my few years on this Earth, I have found one thing to be certain- the older I get, the more stuck in my ways and more resistant to change I become. I can remember being younger and flying by the seat of my pants. I once thought it a great idea to suddenly decide to go out and have a little fun the night before a big test. Come home in the wee hours of the night, grab 2 hours of sleep, nail the test. Not a care in the world. And now? Don’t even think about asking me to go out on a work night, especially if we haven’t discussed it at least a week in advance. There are decisions to be made. Where are we going? How long will it last? And then I’ll need to mentally calculate the potential hours of sleep I will get based on how long I’m out. This planning stuff is stressful! I will get major anxiety if I’m not in my pj’s by 9.

…and now you’re probably thinking that I’m ninety years old and wear dentures and diapers.

Nonetheless, my point is that the older I get, the more making changes and doing different things stresses me out. Deciding to start teaching regularly scheduled fitness classes is one of these stressful changes. You’re now probably scratching your head and wondering if I’m crazy. (I probably am) But, to me, this was a huge undertaking. I’ve now taken two hours out of my entire week to do this. I’m responsible for showing up and giving these great participants their money’s worth. That’s a bit of responsibility! So, in true Chelsy fashion, I have talked this new endeavor to death with the fiance. I have thought about it until my brain went numb. And in the end, after all the stressing, the first class was a success, and I realized I might have done a little unnecessary stressing. There are 168 hours in a week. I work 40 of those. That allows me 128 hours every week to sleep and do what I like with. (yes, I actually did the math on this because I was stressing…and because I might have a touch of OCD) So if I teach class for two hours a week, I don’t really think I’m hampering my personal life. Plus, I have a blast doing it. So, I ended up spending way more hours of my time worrying over something than just jumping in and doing the damn thing. What did I learn? Life is short. Take chances. Welcome changes. Nothing is permanent, well many things are temporary, so grab any opportunity you are presented with. It might blow your mind…or you might fail. But in that case, you just get right back up again. That is truly the nice thing about hitting bottom sometimes- there’s nowhere else to go, but up. And so we, as mostly resilient humans, usually always bounce back from negative situations. It’s your attitude that keeps you from making changes and seeing things from a positive perspective. And that’s another thing that I’m learning in my wise old age. Personality is everything. Your vibes set the stage. If you’re negative, you will give off negative waves…and no one wants to be in the presence of that. On the other hand, positivity invites the happy, the upbeat. Which sounds more appealing?


I know this is typically a “fitness and health focused blog”, but you can transfer this speech of mine to ANYTHING in your life. Thinking of joining a gym, trying a new class, taking up running?? DO IT! Considering a career change or going back to school?? DO THAT TOO! The worst thing that can happen is that you fail. Maybe you end up at a low point and say, “well, shit. I think I made a bad choice”. But the beauty of all of this, of failures and successes, good choices and bad, is that you can turn almost anything around. I know it seems like I’m looking at life through my rose colored glasses, but it is true. The majority of choices that we make can be undone or changed. I read a quote the other day, obviously meant to be funny, but hits the high notes of what not to do!


So, if you find yourself stressing about taking a new class, joining a gym, or choosing a new job- you should give it a shot. Realize that if you’ve said no to drugs, haven’t killed anyone, and pay your bills on time, then making decisions like choosing to work out or take a different job aren’t as scary as they seem.

Plus, you might just find that those scary decisions that made you lose sleep or sweat thinking about, end up being the best choices you could make.

Okay, enough of that…now go out and be awesome!!


p.s. don’t forget…HIIT Fit tonight at 5:15.

p.p.s. And that’s a choice you definitely should say YES to! 🙂


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