Run, Ran, Run

For the past few months, I have had this internal dialog with myself (of course) about how I really should consider trying out running. I like to dabble in different things. I don’t necessarily get bored easily, but I like change when it comes to my routine. That’s probably why working in an emergency room was my favorite job ever. You’re constantly doing something different, treating a different patient…you get my point. I don’t like mundane.

When you take that mindset into fitness, you can see why I am always wanting to try new classes, new trends, etc. I typically have a go-to favorite, but I like my additions varied. My go-to? The weights and bodybuilding. I teach body weight HIIT classes for variation, and as of this week I added outdoor running. I know, if you’ve followed this blog you probably just choked on your lunch. RUNNING?! Has she lost her mind? She hates running…yep, I had those same thoughts, too. I’ve been talking with myself about myself for probably two or three months now about this whole running ordeal. Initially I went to my tried and true comfort zone- sprinting. Leftover from my days of high school short distance track. But I wanted to do something a little more uncomfortable, so I began making myself do a mile on the treadmill (because when I decided to start running it was frigid and snowy outside). And guess what? That measly mile kicked my sprinting ass. I refuse to even tell you how long it took me to complete my first mile because you’d think I was an elderly woman with a bad heart and chain-smoking lungs. But you know what that first mile did? It pissed me off and it fueled my motivation. I couldn’t understand why someone who is in seemingly good shape struggled finishing a mile without dying. (yes, I understand that I lack cardio endurance because I have NEVER been a distance runner or cardio lover at all) So, anyhow I was mad at myself for royally sucking at running. So of course, I’ve kept doing it. I don’t have a regular schedule, and some days my legs just say “hell no”, but I’ve not stopped.

Recently the sun has returned to southwest PA and temps have slowly risen, so much so that I’ve been inclined to take this whole running gig outside. Two days ago was my first outdoor run…ever, because sprinting in high school doesn’t count. I started off down my street and thought, “hey, I’ve got this”. The wind was cool on my face, my legs were strong, and I had music pumping through my headphones. It was how I picture people who love running do it. And I was DOING IT!! And I continued to do it for about 3 blocks until my lungs piped up and announced their presence. It kind of went downhill from there. My lungs burned, my legs burned, and I forgot the great music in my ears. But I didn’t quit. I pushed through it, forcing myself to keep on going. I admit, I stopped and slowed to a walk 3 times to adjust my ponytail and grab a few breaths. I also admit that I made sure to be running anytime a car or person passed, gotta show ’em that I’m a real runner and all that. But, I made it home. Barely. I briefly considered just laying down and dying in my driveway, but I didn’t want to scare the neighbors. So I took my sweaty and tired butt in my house to gulp for air in private. And I asked myself how the hell real runners do this without passing out from lack of O2 while making it look so fun.

It’s now two days later and my calves and glutes are still sore from that run. I tend to run and walk on my toes so I get the sore calves, but I’m a little surprised by the sore butt. Anyhow, the fiance asked how far I went and I realized that I wasn’t even sure because I just went without a plan. So I mapped my run and ironically enough, my chosen route was .97 miles…just a hair shy of that mile. And sore legs be damned, the sun is out today and I’m going to trot right along that route again because this girl’s mama didn’t raise no quitter.

And if you enjoyed this little story about my running experience, stay tuned for more antics as my running attempts continue.running_pain


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