Glute/Hamstring focused deadlifts. Wide stance, with toes pointed slightly outward. Push up through your heels and make sure you’re feeling a nice squeeze up the back of your legs and into your outer glutes during this motion. Rule #1- any exercise can be transformed into a booty exercise if you have a good imagination. Rule #2- just a slight tweak in an exercise can totally change the target muscle. Example- deadlift usually = back workout….but not done like this!

More glutes!!! In my opinion, you can never do too many glute/hamstring exercises! Video is cropped, but I’m using the laying hamstring curl machine to perform donkey kicks. These are even better than other versions of kickbacks because you can use a lot more weight due to the stability of the machine.

Working on glute/hamstring engagement using a cable machine. Must really focus on the muscle being worked for this one!

My version of a kettlebell swing is shown in the video below. Most times you’ll see less of a squat being done with these, but I’ve found that I like adding a squat in with my swing for a little extra leg/glute benefit while targeting shoulders with the swing. Almost any exercise can be tweaked and tailored to suit your needs as long as you aren’t sacrificing form or safety.

Here’s the boyfriend with a demo of pulse squats. The goal is to stay low while pulsing up and down, but not fully extending as with a normal full rep squat. Make sure to keep your back arched and sit as upright as possible to decrease any extra pressure on the knees by leaning too far forward.

Hip Thrusts (using the Smith Machine) are excellent for glute targeting. They also work the hamstrings. FOCUS ON SQUEEZING, especially on the upward thrust. You can do this exercise so many ways, but this is just one of them. This is definitely an exercise that can be done at home, too. Try it out!

Lately, I really have been getting into combining movements. (reference the lunge/kickback right below this) I’ve found that I get a little extra “cardio” in when I combine and superset, so I sweat more and feel more accomplished. Tried this little doozie the other night. Combine an upright row with in front of and behind the head press. So you row, press up, and press behind for one rep. It’s an excellent shoulder burner.


I’m always looking for ways to combine movements together to get the most bang for my buck. I tried out these lunges with an added kickback and loved them. And yet another workout that you can easily do in the comfort of your own home!!


Working on isolating the glutes again using cable pull throughs. I’m working on a way to do this same motion without machines. Standby for updates!


So, this is a wide stance squat with a  little hip thrust thrown in at the end to get extra glute squeeze. Can’t see it in the video, but I’m using the cable machine. (Slowed down to see the motion better)


Another good booty/hami squeeze…Stiff Leg Dumbbell Deadlifts. Keep your back flat and really squeeze the glutes at the top!


Here’s my shoulder burn out from last night. Ended my shoulder/triceps workout with these spider crawls (courtesy of John Meadows- Mountain Dog Diet)


A snippet of my most recent glute/hami workout for your viewing pleasure…



One of my biggest pet peeves is bad form. Not just because I hate watching it, but because you could actually hurt yourself. I especially see this when people squat. It truly doesn’t matter how much weight you can put on your back. Form first. Weight later. And my best attempt at good form…


I give you this! Using the ab crunch machine, you get a rowing motion that really targets the midback and lower lats.


Jump Squat/Lunge Combo


Incline Hex Press


Cable Shoulder Press


Resistance Band Squat/Kickbacks